"Bridge The Economic Empowerment Gap"

At KRS911 we believe that the most crucial point is the time between the medical incident and receiving medical help. Too many times lives have been lost, because of the misunderstanding of this concept. We have a strong focus on reasonably fast response times to ensure that those in need of medical help get it.

How often have we heard the lament that if the ambulance had arrived sooner he/she might have lived? It is an unfortunate reality that many of us have experienced the trauma of requiring emergency medical services, but had to suffer the misfortune of rarely experiencing them.

We have taken the difficult task of ensuring that every South African will be covered by our great service, which will ensure piece of mind. We want every South African to know that at any event of a medical emergency there is someone who cares enough to respond quickly to get him/her to a place that will attend to their medical needs. A service that is both overwhelmingly great and affordable for every member of the rainbow nation. We operate with the spirit of "Ubuntu" and deliver with shear professionalism. We are purely people orientated, because we believe that your life matters to us..