"Bridge The Economic Empowerment Gap"


KMG has strategically aligned itself with On-Demand and internet streaming services. This puts us in the forefront of worldwide 24hrs availability while showcasing local content. We have realized that the future of content is online as traditional terrestrial services are also extending onto the digital space and creating more on-demand options.


kofifi.fm web radio is an internet based radio station with one foot in the future and one foot in the past. We pride ourselves as a South African symbol of being future-centric and having a sense of history. We subscribe to the vision of our mother company Kofifi Media Group, which is to INFORM, EDUCATE and EMPOWER. The historical Kofifi was a place of rich culture and great artistry. We aim to capture what was and forge what will be.


Kofifi TV is YouTube based on-demand television streaming service. It is geared towards a global market, but showcasing South African content. At a later stage Kofifi TV will be an independent terrestrial television station to show on DTT and DTHS. Content from this platform will showcase as a segment on Real TV Africa.


Plugged-In (Pty) Ltd is a Media Sales company whose core objective is to provide advertising revenue and sales support for all the KMG broadcasting platforms, print media platforms, multimedia platforms and outdoor advertising platforms. Currently, Plugged-In (Pty) Ltd is the official commercial vehicle for the community based radio station Kofifi FM 97.2 and community based television broadcaster Kofifi TV. Platforms owned by KMG or aligned to KMG are well resourced and sustainable, KMG has established a commercial vehicle via Plugged-In (Pty) Ltd to achieve advertising revenue.

Plugged-In (Pty) Ltd aims to extend its services through the establishment of strategic partnerships with other media enterprises who require similar services.


Creative Visuals services play an integral part of the KMG value chain. In ensuring the most compelling value proposition is achieved, KMG and its subsidiaries need to ensure that they have the most current, dynamic and appealing corporate identity and that this corporate identity is well positioned in the market to achieve maximum brand equity and visual posture.


New Media PixelTone (Pty) Ltd, is the Creative Visuals subsidiary of KMG and offers the total business solution in Design, Motion, Digital and Illustration. Currently, KMG is restructuring and repositioning New Media Pixeltone(Pty)Ltd to extend its specialized services to the external market.


To ensure that KMG achieves its core vision to; Inform, Educate and Empower, it is imperative that the creative and intellectual content is protected. Therefore, Kofifi Publishing (Pty) Ltd ensures that all intellectual property developed by any of the KMG subsidiaries is rightfully owned by the company and its respective contributors.


Kofifi Publishing (Pty) Ltd is the champion of KMG’s print, audio and visual publication and broadcasting publisher. The first official publication that will be steered via Kofifi Publishing (Pty) Ltd is the Kofifilander Magazine, which is a lifestyle and community current affairs magazine. The Kofifilander aims to offer an extension of the broadcasting platforms in print.


KMG understands the integral part that the arts play in society and the prominent role it played in "Kofifi" during the 1940's and 1950's.


Kofifi Records (Pty) Ltd aims to capture the essence of the "kofifi" era through its recording label, infused with the contemporay culture. This interpretation of the era will be provided on digital platforms to accommodate the technological advancements of the 21st century.

Furthermore, Kofifi Records (Pty) Ltd aims to provide easy access to talented artists either in music or theatre or any other form of art, through digital platforms. The long-term objective is to differentiate Kofifi Records (Pty) Ltd as the first full-on digital production and distribution recording company.



Kofifi Networks forms the Information Technology arm of Kofifi Media Group and is responsible for the internal needs of all the Group and it Subsidiaries. We also service external clients through relationships created by our subsidiaries. We have a skilled team with more than 70 years of collective skills, with international experience in various specialist fields. We are involved in infrastructure deployment, software deployment, web hosting, software development, desktop and server maintenance.



Out-Of-Home advertising platforms are a vital component for companies to advertise their services and/or products. KMG is in the process of establishing an outdoor division, Kofifi Outdoor (Pty) Ltd, which will establish strategic partnerships to deliver outdoor platforms for its clients. KMG's long-term objective is to ensure it owns inventory of outdoor advertising platforms.



Kofifi Travel is a company founded and built on the surrounding framework of strength with expertise ranging from a wide spectrum of intellectual property, skills and diverse background. Kofifi Travel is currently operating in the Gauteng Province of South Africa, while we systematically expanding our footprint locally, nationally and globally, which yields high volumes of demand of goods and services, by bringing with us a high level of efficiency, value and adding broad based interventions.


Kofifi Investments (Pty) Ltd, is a newly formed company which is in the business of providing affordable supply of pharmaceutical and non-pharmaceutical products to all health industries.

Our intention is to ensure we sell quality products at affordable prices and also meet our customers demand without compromising our business service delivery.

We also wish to create jobs for previously disadvantaged individuals through our job development initiatives and our business growth. We intend on becoming the leading supplier of medical and surgical products, equipment and disposables in South Africa.