"Bridge The Economic Empowerment Gap"


KMG has strategically aligned itself with On-Demand and internet streaming services. This puts us in the forefront of worldwide 24hrs availability while showcasing local content. We have realized that the future of content is online as traditional terrestrial services are also extending onto the digital space and creating more on-demand options.


kofifi.fm web radio is an internet based radio station with one foot in the future and one foot in the past. We pride ourselves as a South African symbol of being future-centric and having a sense of history. We subscribe to the vision of our mother company Kofifi Media Group, which is to INFORM, EDUCATE and EMPOWER. The historical Kofifi was a place of rich culture and great artistry. We aim to capture what was and forge what will be.


Kofifi TV is YouTube based on-demand television streaming service. It is geared towards a global market, but showcasing South African content. At a later stage Kofifi TV will be an independent terrestrial television station to show on DTT and DTHS. Content from this platform will showcase as a segment on Real TV Africa.