"Bridge The Economic Empowerment Gap"

KMG consists of different operational divisions namely: Broadcasting Division, Advertising Division, Creative Visuals, Entertainment and Audio Production Division, Publishing Division and Outdoor Division. Each operational division has its own set of objectives, which make up the sum of an interchangeable portfolio aimed at offering maximum value.

Part of the group’s growth strategy is to obtain, expand and defend market share either through organic growth, mergers and acquisitions and/or establishing strategic partnerships


Our core vision is to continuously strive to seek and provide solutions that;
Inform, Educate and Empower our customers through better convenience, high quality standards and cost-effective measures that meet their specific needs.


To "bridge the economic empowerment gap", by providing solutions that are relevant, responsible, informative, creative, innovative and measurable, whilst creating sustainable profitability for our shareholders.


KMG acknowledges the importance of upholding the codes of good practice prescribed by the King III Report on Corporate Governance. Hence the Executive Board of Directors ensures that all internal governance policies and systems and structures conform to all the mandatory and statutory legal requirements that uphold the highest levels of professionalism.

The group is led by its Executive Board of Directors whose members also form part of the daily operations for the respective enterprises in the group.